Douffins…12 quirky little hybrids

Now for perhaps one of my most popular baking ventures yet… wittily named ‘The Douffin’ by my man. It is what I refer to as a Doughnut-muffin hybrid. These naughty-but-nice little fellows resemble doughnuts with their sugar coating, and oh-so-satisfying ooze of jam when bitten into… however have a more muffin-like texture, although lighter. They are also baked in a muffin tray, rather than deep-fried like a doughnut (thus arguably a healthier option? ;-p). Continue reading



My first post! I had to sit and think carefully about what my first post should be about. I came firmly to the conclusion that I should start with what I believe to be one of THE staples of home baking: The Victoria Sponge.

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