Douffins…12 quirky little hybrids

Now for perhaps one of my most popular baking ventures yet… wittily named ‘The Douffin’ by my man. It is what I refer to as a Doughnut-muffin hybrid. These naughty-but-nice little fellows resemble doughnuts with their sugar coating, and oh-so-satisfying ooze of jam when bitten into… however have a more muffin-like texture, although lighter. They are also baked in a muffin tray, rather than deep-fried like a doughnut (thus arguably a healthier option? ;-p).

These beauts were an instant hit in the tower. I was reliably informed that the entire batch of 12 were devoured in under an hour by The Watch!

The recipe comes from one of my favourite sources: the BBC GoodFood site. This site is an absolute gem… definitely one for the homebaker’s ‘Bookmark’ bar. I can very easily whittle away an hour browsing through recipes on here with no effort whatsoever (lethal procrastination tool for a keen cook!). Not only are the baking recipes fabulous, and in my experience very reliable, there is also an abundance of great general recipes for meals (being a big fan of the slow cooker, I have experimented with a number of fabulous casserole/stew recipes from the site). Navigation around this site is amazingly user-friendly. Highly recommended!

These little guys look quite impressive, but I assure you they are sooo easy to make. I’m pretty sure they stand a good chance of becoming a firm favourite amongst any home-baker’s nearest and dearest!

So go ahead, spread a little love and delight…give a douffin a chance!


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