Dream purchase!

Well today is a day I will always cherish as a devoted home-baker. The reason being purchasing a new kitchen gadget so beautiful, useful, amazing, gorgeous (…expensive..) that I can barely contemplate leaving my kitchen. Exhibit A:


Yes this is certainly my first major investment in my increasingly adored hobby. Admittedly there was a sharp intake of breath when it came to paying the nice man at the till in Currys… but having just celebrated my 21st birthday, my wallet was substantially heavier than usual (thank you thank you thank you to my lovely generous relatives!). Nevertheless, I think you’ll agree that this is a fine piece of kit. Of course the dream has always been to own a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer (after salivating longingly at the rainbow of machines every time I sit watching The Great British Bake Off) but I’m now perfectly happy with my Kenwood Patissier, standing stylishly proud in shining red in my little kingdom 😀 I will also add that this machine is no it, but a she. Her name is Mary (three guesses which Mary I had in mind here!)



If this gadget takes your fancy, then here is a link to the product information:


They come in a variety of colours, not just Raspberry Red…although it is seriously cool, in my opinion!

And on another note, I also made another couple of baking-related purchases today (my poor bank account!) but I feel they are totally necessary!


Perfect editions to my recipe-book shelf. Gotta love a bit of Paul and Mary!

Needless to say proceeding posts will be documenting my adventures into the exploration of the pages of Mr. Hollywood’s baking expertise!  Along with some random facts about the life of the Queen of baking.


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