If at first you don’t succeed…

So my last post was concerning the ‘epic fail’ that was my first attempt at firing up Paul the bread-machine. Well, I am delighted to provide a follow-up post with a much more positive outcome… we have bread!

I struggle to find the words to describe the feeling of joy that overcome me when I lifted the lid of the machine to be greeted by this perfectly merry little loaf (okay, maybe the extent of my joy is an exaggeration *ahem*… but I’m sure any keen home-baker will catch my drift!)

This definitely made me grateful to the fact that Paul did NOT end up in the canal the previous day…(mostly thanks to Carlos and his calming effect on me, admittedly). And I’ll admit that my pessimistic rant about bread-machines was perhaps premature and unjust. I am not too proud to admit that I WAS WRONG. These gadgets are actually really rather cool 🙂

My previous attempt at producing this loaf was doomed by one unfortunate fatal factor outside of my control, and also two major errors on my part, which would have affected the outcome even if external events hadn’t intervened.

1) There was a power cut half-way through the bread-machine’s cycle (D.O.O.M.E.D)

2) Upon going back to study the recipe and machine user-manual in detail, I realised that the ingredients specifically had to be added in the order stated in the ingredient list.

3) I measured out the tepid water in Dl, instead of cups (as you can probably recall from my previous rant of a post!)

But this experience proves the old clichés to be correct… we can indeed learn from our mistakes. It is also good to try again upon failing first time around.

To show my gratitude towards Carlos for saving my bread-maker, I had this little token-of-appreciation waiting for him when he arrived home from an early morning shift at Heathrow…

Bacon butty, made with home-made bread- WHAT ELSE?!


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