You zesty little tart!

Now for a little French classic, the recipe courtesy of the legend that is Mary Berry.

This Lemon Tart looks great, and is really easy to make. I was quite surprised that it was not necessary to blind-bake the pastry, which certainly saves time. It was a perfect recipe to whip up when friends or family are coming for dinner (as I did last night, with roaring reviews). Once the flan tin has been lined with pastry, it simply needs to be chilled in the fridge for half an hour, during which time the lemon filling is made.

Mary’s original recipe also includes a sweet glaze, incorporating more sugar and apricot jam. I chose not to include this though, and the tart still looked and tasted great. I simply dusted the top with icing sugar: in my opinion, less is often more (I know, cliché!)

Lemon is an all-time favourite flavour of my Mum’s, and she adored this. I highly recommend trying this recipe, especially for those especially partial to a zesty flavour experience.

This recipe (Glazed Lemon Tart) can be found in Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book, which is one of my staple recipe books. I find I can always rely on Ms Berry’s recipes 🙂

The book can be purchased from Amazon:

I definitely recommend making this small investment- you won’t regret it!


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