Omit butter…beat in some avocado… SAY WHAT?!

Avocado and Raspberry Muffins.

No, I have not lost the plot, I AM perfectly serious.

I was extremely excited, if not more than a tad sceptical when I came across this healthy muffin recipe. It is an extremely rare occurrence for me to bake something for myself. Yes I am slightly obsessed with baking a multitude of sweet treats… but I don’t eat butter or refined sugar or refined carbs (the pleasure of baking for me comes in the process, not the eating!). I was so thrilled to at last find a recipe which I really wanted to eat. And I was delighted with the result! I can honestly say that this avocado business is something of a revelation!


It really is remarkable to eat these deliciously moist muffins, knowing that they are not laden with the levels of saturated fat butter contains, instead being a great source of polyunsaturated fat- one of those ‘good fats’, great for maintaining heart health amongst other benefits. Avocados are also a great source of vitamin E.


The original recipe for these little gems can be found here:, although I made a few changes to make them even healthier.

Firstly, I used raspberries instead of blueberries. This factor had nothing to do with nutrition etc, it was purely because I couldn’t get blueberries at the market, and also because these raspberries were so plump and juicy that I just couldn’t refuse!

Secondly, I omitted the ‘streusel’ topping, made with butter and sugar. I really don’t think it’s necessary to be honest- the muffins are perfectly delicious without it. I simply sprinkled cinnamon on top, for an extra little kick of flavour.

Thirdly, I used soft brown sugar instead of your regular white caster. It is less refined and therefore slightly better for you.

The recipe doesn’t specify a particular type of ‘plain yoghurt’, but I opted for a 0% fat variety. This type of yoghurt is still a great source of calcium, and contains no added sugar either (watch out for this with ‘low fat’ varieties of yoghurt- they are often pumped full of sugar).

Lastly, I used plain wholemeal flour in my muffins. This is much healthier than standard white flour, with the goodness of wholegrain (no, I’m not a cereal ad!) and also fibre, which is essential for optimum digestive function.



So if you are looking for a cakey treat that is kind to the waistline, then I thoroughly recommend these. Avocado power!

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