Cheesy breadiness… with a sprinkling of oregano

Perfect texture

My second adventure into the realms of Paul Hollywood’s baking expertise. This time I tried one of his flavoured breads; another recipe taken from his latest book How To Bake (Bloomsbury, 2012). This recipe again goes a long way, producing four loaves of Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella bread.

This bake reminds me of the tear-and-share style breads. It went down extremely well with my 19 year old brother, who is a big pizza fan. I’d describe it as a cross between pizza and ciabatta. It creates a lovely aroma whilst baking in the oven… definitely pizza-esque with the mozzarella slowly melting and the oregano infusing into the sprinkling of olive oil topping the loaves… hungry yet?? I can pretty much guarantee that the finished product will have your mouth watering!

Ready for baking!

I found this bread very straight-forward to make. Again, the process was greatly aided by my beloved Mary the mixer. Like the ciabatta loaves I previously posted about, this dough has a very wet consistency so hand-kneading it would be difficult: a mixer with dough hook is therefore necessary. This dough does not require ‘knocking back’ (Paul explains this process very well in the book-p19!) therefore making it is a more simple process, particularly for beginners to bread-making.

I found the final stage of preparing these loaves particularly satisfying. The part where you poke torn-up pieces of mozzarella into your lovingly proven dough. Yes Mr Hollywood, I am increasingly agreeing with your warning that bread-making is “highly addictive”!

Certain to be a crowd-pleaser!


One thought on “Cheesy breadiness… with a sprinkling of oregano

  1. The cross between pizza and ciabatta, looks delicious. I wish you had posted the list of ingredients as well. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. Have a wonderful week!

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