The courgette joins The Avocado Revolution!

Avogette loaf

Say hello to The ‘Avogette’ loaf! Yes, I’m on the Avocados AGAIN! But this time, I’m loafin’ it, rather than muffin it (get it?!haha)

This loaf is deliciously moist, thanks to the moisture in both the courgettes and avocado. It’s also delightfully spiced with wonderful cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger (my addition, as I adore it!).

Once again, I chose to use wholemeal flour, as it’s healthier and in my opinion, more tasty. I also decided to reduce the sugar content that was specified in the original recipe from– the cake is perfectly delicious, despite reducing the sugar content by a third. I always use unrefined soft brown sugar in my healthy bakes.

Another really great tip to know is that all of these Avocado recipes freeze really well (yes, my freezer is FULL of my baked goods, especially with Carlos having been on leave for two weeks, so the cake tin hasn’t been visiting Heathrow!). To defrost them, I find popping them in the microwave, on 40% power for 30seconds initially- you can always pop them back in for another 20seconds if they aren’t quite defrosted! I find that the gentle heat they obtain also makes them even yummier! They also keep really well in the fridge for a good few days- I’m finding that the flavours (particularly the tea infusions) intensify with time and when cooled. I’ve found a slice of this loaf is particularly delicious for breakfast with a pot of 0%fat greek yoghurt 🙂

To make this lushious loaf, follow this recipe: The changes I made being adding 1tsp ground ginger and reducing the sugar quantity to 0.5cup, instead of 3/4cup.

Happy baking!



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