Savour this flavour carousel of salty and sweet- a lovely twist on the classic Irish loaf… it’s grand!

I love making soda bread. It’s so simple and quick; unlike many bread recipes, which require hours of proving etc. This is definitely one for the inpatient baker… or the one who is short on time but still needs to get their baking fix!


I must credit ‘Little Loaf‘ for this recipe- a gorgeous flavour combination girl! Although I have made quite a few alterations to the original recipe.  Continue reading


Banana Beasts

This one is for fans of big,robust, hearty baking for sure!

I added my own twist of some piped melted plain chocolate on top.

I added my own twist of some piped melted plain chocolate on top.

I came across the blog of GBBO 2011 contestant Mary-Anne Boerman last night, quickly this recipe caught my attention and I just HAD to give it a go! They are called banana buns- something I’ve never come across before. Admittedly, mine did turn out considerably heftier than those pictured on her blog, although to be fair she did state in her recipe that this can be the case. The option was given to either divide the dough into 6 or 8 pieces for rolling and shaping… Mary-Ann hinted that 6 would be an easier size to work with, although “they do swell up to make extremely large buns once baked”. I decided that the consensus of my consumers (being my hubby and brother) would be ‘the bigger the better’, so I happily chose the easier option of 6 hefty buns rather than 8 daintier ones! Continue reading

Remember Kimberley…?

GBBO 2013 contestant Kimberley Wilson has to be my favourite competitor ever. I loved her unique and memorable bakes. I’m very excited to have just discovered her website with an abundance of recipes 🙂 How it’s taken me this long I don’t know!

Browsing through her recipe collection, there seem to be some corkers on there… I’m definitely feeling inspired! I totally recommend taking a look 🙂

My return to blogging after a year-long absence… I think this calls for a Celebration Plaited Wreath!

My first post in over a year definitely calls for something a little special. I have chosen my adaptation of John Whaite’s recipe for Chocolate, Hazelnut and Sour Cherry Celebration Plaited Wreath.

Nutella, white choc chunks and flaked almonds for the filling

Nutella, white choc chunks and flaked almonds for this indulgent filling.


A perfect tea-time treat!

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