My return to blogging after a year-long absence… I think this calls for a Celebration Plaited Wreath!

My first post in over a year definitely calls for something a little special. I have chosen my adaptation of John Whaite’s recipe for Chocolate, Hazelnut and Sour Cherry Celebration Plaited Wreath.

Nutella, white choc chunks and flaked almonds for the filling

Nutella, white choc chunks and flaked almonds for this indulgent filling.


A perfect tea-time treat!

Although John’s choice of ingredients for the filling are lovely, I chose to use Nutella, white chocolate chunks and almond flakes. Although of course I am ever the advocate for being individual with one’s choice of ingredients…the sole reason for my choice here is that I was using up whatever I had in my baking cupboard! Secondly, in my household, white chocolate is always favoured (i.e. my Hubby’s favourite!). I didn’t use any exact measurements for my alternative filling… but for your guidance, I’d say I used about 80g white chocolate, chopped into chunks and about 50g flaked almonds (ish!). Nutella quantity as stated by John.

I loved this recipe. Mainly because as soon as I saw that this loaf was plaited, I took a sharp intake of breath. I was envisaging a Paul Hollywood-esque 8-strand plait… and me getting myself into a huge tangle of dough lengths… possible ending up with my arms tied together (rather a strange bondage technique there! HA). But no. lovely kind Mr Whaite only requires 2 humble dough strands to achieve this rather impressive finished wreath.

A recipe I’d definitely recommend trying …one of those that make you look more clever and skilled than you really are 😉

Recipe taken from ‘John Whaite Bakes’.


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