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October 2014

Hello and Welcome 🙂

I know a blog doesn’t need two introductions, but in this case I feel it is necessary. Having started this blog in October 2013, I took what I’m going to refer to as a year’s sabbatical from my ramblings into cyber space. During that time, quite a few big things happened in my life, so I hope you’ll excuse my absence!

First of all, I am now a married woman! I began my ‘career’ as an ‘Air Traffic Baker’  as fiancé, now I am wifey (yay!), an official Mrs. ATC. Needless to say married life is blissful, and I am eternally grateful to my lovely hubby …that’s enough of the mushy stuff, thanks!

Another development in the life of the Air Traffic baker is that I now own my kitchen, rather than rent it. Yes, we now own a lovely new home. It won’t come as any great surprise that the first room to get ‘sorted’ was the kitchen. I’ve acquired a few new kitchen gadgets, and my cookery book collection has also grown (so grateful for the extra space that a house brings rather than a flat!).

Lastly, we have grown our little family… by three new sets of paws! Our beautiful Greyhound Alice and our two cheeky bunnies Winston and Heston 🙂

This last year- although not documented- has been full of many baking adventures… my repertoire has certainly expanded! I’m happy to return to sharing my culinary experiences with you … which will mostly consist of baked/sweet/dessert dishes, although some savoury/main meals may also creep in too. I do hope that you will enjoy reading about my adventures and find some amusement in my ramblings!

As ever, any comments will be gratefully received!

Thank you x

ATC Bride! 10679744_963894780293175_3537688708562737658_o

>>>>>>>>> STANDBY FOR INTRO NO.2…<<<<<<<<<<<<<

October 2013   

¡Hola! Buenos diás

The Air Traffic Baker... out of the kitchen for once!

Air Traffic Baker… “what on earth’s that?!” you ask?…

Well, I will introduce myself formally as Heathrow Airport’s Air Traffic Control D-Watch’s answer to Mary Berry (I wish!). Okay, so in reality, I don’t have a formal title (sigh) and I am far from being the baking Goddess that is Ms Berry (sigh)… but what I do have is the world’s most incredibly amazing fiancé, who also happens to be an Air Traffic Controller at Heathrow Airport… on Watch D.

Although I am no pro baker, I like to think that my baking experiments are somewhat of a delight to the Watch, brightening the days of shifts at unsociable hours. The ol’ cake tin is certainly a regular visitor to the tower!

Baking has always been a hobby of mine. I find the process very relaxing, kinda therapeutic. I often describe it as an outlet for my creativity… and people don’t seem to mind the outcomes! Recently having become a home-study student, I find myself filling my study breaks with epic culinary adventures in the wilderness that is my beloved kitchen: a modest kitchen within a flat in central Reading A.K.A ‘my own little universe’ 🙂 The hours tick by very serenely in amongst the eruptions of icing sugar, dustings of flour and the ‘DING’ of the oven timer. Oh the contentment it brings… 😀

So, my fiancé suggested I started documenting my ‘adventures’… and…cue drum-roll… this blog was born! I will now be sharing my baking experiences with you (should you wish to read)… I’ll include photos, comments, recipes, tips and maybe even ask for advice or recommendations. Random other happenings of my life are also likely to feature in my ramblings from time-to-time.

Oh, and finally… why the Spanish greeting you ask? Well, that’s another of my current ventures… mastering the basics of the Spanish language :S The better-half being 50% Spanish, therefore fluent, has given me the intense want to become bilingual (though in reality… the likelihood of this happening any time soon seems really rather slim!). Do excuse any random attempts at ramblings in Spanish!

I would love you to regularly check in for tales of my latest baking adventures 😀 and would also be grateful for comments or feedback, should you attempt any of my suggested recipes, or indeed give me new inspiration for new culinary ventures.

That’s enough for now folks. I’ll just sign off by saying “Happy baking” and “adiós”


2 thoughts on “About Me

    • It was my pleasure entirely! Love your recipes, especially the pumpkin muffins! I’m always trying to find ways to cut down on sugar content (with exception of my baked treats for the Heathrow team- they’re pure indulgences) so I find your blog really helpful and inspiring. Keep up the good work lovely! X

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