The age of The Muffcado continues… ‘Lady Grey’s Rose Delight’ and ‘Jazzy Spiced Cocoa Pear’


Hey folks 🙂 apologies for not posting any adventures for a few days… I can assure you however that there has still been plenty of activity going down in the Air Traffic Baker’s kitchen though! My gorgeous fiancé has been on leave from The Tower for two weeks now, so we’ve been making the most of spending lots of time together (hence why I haven’t made time to blog, as well as teach myself about cells and DNA!).

Anyway, enough about me! Now for the important stuff- THE BAKING! I am becomingly increasingly confident in trying out my own original recipe ideas, and experimenting with some pretty bold and complex flavour combinations. In my opinion, all have worked beautifully (but I’ll have to leave that for you to decide for yourselves!).

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Two more nutritious ‘muffcado’ recipes… ‘Chai-tastic Apple’ and ‘Strawb-nilla’

I’m proud to report that I am now coming up with my own original flavour combinations  and freely adapting recipes (hooray!). There are many perks that come with becoming an increasingly experienced home-baker 🙂 … (including an excuse to buy expensive shiny new gadgets for one’s kitchen *cough* Mary the mixer *cough*).

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Minty little fellows that will make your body ha-pea!

So keeping with the theme of pea and mint (I had half a pack of lovely fresh mint left over from the soup, which I really couldn’t bear seeing go to waste!) I decided to get creative and have a go at a creation of my own.

This one is another bake for myself, rather than the Air Traffic Controllers! As previously discussed in an earlier post, I enjoy feasting on health foods and take a keen interest in nutrition. I came up with these Dairy-free Pea and Mint Scones

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Omit butter…beat in some avocado… SAY WHAT?!

Avocado and Raspberry Muffins.

No, I have not lost the plot, I AM perfectly serious.

I was extremely excited, if not more than a tad sceptical when I came across this healthy muffin recipe. It is an extremely rare occurrence for me to bake something for myself. Yes I am slightly obsessed with baking a multitude of sweet treats… but I don’t eat butter or refined sugar or refined carbs (the pleasure of baking for me comes in the process, not the eating!). I was so thrilled to at last find a recipe which I really wanted to eat. And I was delighted with the result! I can honestly say that this avocado business is something of a revelation!

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