Savour this flavour carousel of salty and sweet- a lovely twist on the classic Irish loaf… it’s grand!

I love making soda bread. It’s so simple and quick; unlike many bread recipes, which require hours of proving etc. This is definitely one for the inpatient baker… or the one who is short on time but still needs to get their baking fix!


I must credit ‘Little Loaf‘ for this recipe- a gorgeous flavour combination girl! Although I have made quite a few alterations to the original recipe.  Continue reading


Cheesy breadiness… with a sprinkling of oregano

Perfect texture

My second adventure into the realms of Paul Hollywood’s baking expertise. This time I tried one of his flavoured breads; another recipe taken from his latest book How To Bake (Bloomsbury, 2012). This recipe again goes a long way, producing four loaves of Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella bread. Continue reading

Minty little fellows that will make your body ha-pea!

So keeping with the theme of pea and mint (I had half a pack of lovely fresh mint left over from the soup, which I really couldn’t bear seeing go to waste!) I decided to get creative and have a go at a creation of my own.

This one is another bake for myself, rather than the Air Traffic Controllers! As previously discussed in an earlier post, I enjoy feasting on health foods and take a keen interest in nutrition. I came up with these Dairy-free Pea and Mint Scones

Sconey goodness Continue reading

Ciabatta worthy of Hollywood?

This adventure was particularly exciting, with the theme of shiny newness running throughout the experience 🙂 Firstly as it was the maiden voyage of my beautiful new mixer (Mary… for those who read my last post, this will make sense!) and also my first attempt at a Paul Hollywood recipe, after purchasing his latest book ‘How To Bake‘. I’m delighted to report that the outcome was most successful 😀 I was actually rather surprised at how straight-forward the whole process was. Having Mary by my side was certainly a huge help though! As Paul says in his book, this particular type of bread has a very wet consistency when in dough form, so hand-kneading would be an extremely arduous task indeed! I have a feeling that Mary’s dough hook is going to be one of my greatest baking assets from now on!

Perfect :)Lovely for a sarnie!

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