Dream purchase!

Well today is a day I will always cherish as a devoted home-baker. The reason being purchasing a new kitchen gadget so beautiful, useful, amazing, gorgeous (…expensive..) that I can barely contemplate leaving my kitchen. Exhibit A:


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The moral of the story of an epic baking fail…“if you want a loaf made properly… Knead it yourself!”

This tale begins on a very positive note of excitement and high expectations… Ms Airtrafficbaker acquired a bread-maker! Granted, it is a rather dated hand-me-down machine, but nonetheless I was informed that it produced a good loaf. I will also admit that I was feeling so optimistic of the prospect of a masterpiece of a loaf, that I took the decision to NAME the bread-maker Paul… as in Hollywood, Master Baker (FYI it is perfectly acceptable to name kitchen appliances and equipment; we dearly love Bill the teapot). Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of a new kitchen gadget as much as the next home baker, but right now my opinion is certainly leaning towards the sound of “if you want a loaf made properly… Knead it yourself!”. Continue reading