Buttery loveliness (Apparently better than Starbucks!)

Shortbread: A true classic. This buttery little number also happens to be a firm favourite of my lovely man too. This is another of Mr Hollywood’s recipes fromĀ How To Bake. From all the feedback I’ve had so far… this recipe is certainly a crowd-pleaser!


I was informed by Carlos that these even beat the (apparent) shortbread quality benchmark that is Starbucks’ version of the classic, hands down. Why not test this observation out for yourself?

Here’s the recipe:



Ciabatta worthy of Hollywood?

This adventure was particularly exciting, with the theme of shiny newness running throughout the experience šŸ™‚ Firstly as it was the maiden voyage of my beautiful new mixer (Mary… for those who read my last post, this will make sense!) and also my first attempt at a Paul Hollywood recipe, after purchasing his latest book ‘How To Bake‘. I’m delighted to report that the outcome was most successful šŸ˜€ I was actually rather surprised at how straight-forward the whole process was. HavingĀ Mary by my side was certainly a huge help though! As Paul says in his book, this particular type of bread has a very wet consistency when in dough form, so hand-kneading would be an extremely arduous task indeed! I have a feeling thatĀ Mary’sĀ dough hook is going to be one of my greatest baking assets from now on!

Perfect :)Lovely for a sarnie!

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